LTL are cargo shipments that are collected from different senders and sent to different recipients located at the same area (country, city, town). M9 Logistics Family Network has many years’ experience in regularly sent cargoes of various types. We can provide a full range of regular and additional services for transportation. They include both the most popular and exclusive features of our company:

  • in-production logistics or "just-in time" service;
  • receipt/ delivery of goods at a particular time or in a period of about 2 hours;
  • delivery to store network taking into account transport downtime;
  • delivery of cargoes on days-off;
  • service storage of cargoes in warehouses.
From China to Europe for 14 days!
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From China to Europe for 14 days!
Suzhou - Warsaw for 14-16 days
Ganzhou - Hamburg for 16-18 days
Shenyang - Duisburg for 14-16 days
Chongqing - Duisburg for 16 days
Xi’an - Hamburg for 18 days
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